following your dreams….

Everybody have certain dreams in their lives…. most of my life I havn’t really given it much thought… I have never really known what I want to become or what I want to do in my life… just last couple of years i conciously realized I do have dreams… I have things in my life that I am passionate about… I know what I like and what I would like to do… but all my life I have kind of been hiding behind the financial aspect of getting things done or fulfilling my dreams… and I just realized I still do that… there is never enough money for it all…. but the question is: do u sit around and feel sorry for yourself and wait for a miracle to happen or are u actually doing something about it to get where you wannt to be in life? And I am ashamed to admit that I am not doing nearly enough to make my dreams come true! So I ask myself:  why? and there is just one right and true answear to that: lazyness…. I am not making any effort to lift a finger and figure out a plan and stick to it… I would like to think I am a very determined person… once i start something I am gonna finish it… but the truth is I don’t always do that… I do give up too fast if things get hard and don’t go my planned way… I always need a push from somebody else to keep going and to motivate me… although I realize thats it is only up to me to achieve my goals in my life… it is up to me to know how much I actually want it and then find enough motivation to get there… lot of times we search for a motivation from others… it does help at times but really it needs to come from you.. from deep down inside… so I feel like I am still in this kind of learning process in my life…. as how to find the right approuch to accomplish things I want…. and to not give up… And I am as far as that I have the understanding of what needs to be done in order to get where I want to be…. Now I just need to work out a specific plan as to what do I need to do and how I am going to do it…. one step at a time…. I am kind of kicking my self now to get out of that laziness…. you will hear about my progress later… 😉

Todays question to answear is: Do you truly believe that your cereer is calling, or are you just settling? 

Oh wel….. this question makes me smile…. i think for the most part I explained it above…. I have never seen myself as a cereer oriented person… so yes I kind of have settled I guess… for the most part that is… there is this little thing inside of me that wants to get more out of life…. I just don’t really do anything about it… I make up excuses i guess…. come up with reasons why I can’t do what I wanna do in my life… writting this and beeing this raw and open is a real eyeopener for me…. it is a bit scary aswell… because it is pretty confrontational…. after all – at the end of my life I would love to say: I have really gotten everything out of my life and lived it the way I wanted and have no regrets about something I didn’t do….

Well… I will try to not just overthink things but will try to actually do something about it…. to get closer to my dreams and goals in life… 🙂

Wish everybody a joyfull and productive day! 🙂

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