My inner child…

What a satisfactory tiredness comes over me tonight…. it is that kind of ‘tired’ where you feel happy and satisfied about the day you have had… it just makes me smile… I enjoyed the snow today as a kid in a candy factory! 😉 I have been waiting for this white substance for so long and finally it is here and finally I can let my inner child out and just have fun! Amazing how much joy it gives me… you see a lot of people around you complaining… about not beeing able to drive or go anywhere… about house beeing full with melting snow when u come inside…. about how cold it is…. rarely anybody just stops and looks around and takes the beauty of this white magical world around them in! I do! When i was a child I think I just took it for granted… snow was snow.. I knew it was coming and ofcourse I had fun… but now I just kind of apriciate it more…. I really look forward to it and when it’s finally here I am so greatful and it seems I enjoy it so much more! 🙂 It is so nice to not have to be a grown up anymore… to not have to act a certain way or behave… I throw snowballs at everybody… I make snow angels and snowmen…. I play, I run, I fall and I enjoy! It is such a freedom! I love to feel so free and careless…. And I love how people join me aswell… nobody walks by with just grumpy face if they get hit with a snow ball…. they join in the snowball fight… it’s so much fun! And you reading this maybe imagine I go outside alone and just start throwing snowballs at people who walk by… hahaha… no… I have my family around ofcourse… 😀 I feel blessed they love the snow just as much as I do! 

Today I will answear question number four, which is a perfect question for today: If you could offer one piece of advice to a child, knowing that they will follow it, what would it be? 

This fits perfectly in how i feel today… I was kind of struggling with the answear to this one…. there are a lot of great advices we can give to children… but just after today the perfect answear came to me… My best advice would be: don’t try to grow up too fast! 😉  I think it’s sucha great advice for every child…. because the way the world works now a days children do grow up way too fast… I remember myself as a child… I also wanted to grow up fast.. wanted to be on my own and not have parents telling me what to do and all that…. with all my past I kind of had to grow up early… now to think back I would give so much to just stay a child longer and enjoy a normal, happy childhood… If I knew it would end so soon and so abruptly I think I would not want to grow up faster… I was made to grow up and be on my own fast… there was nobody around who would take care of me otherwise… so i had to figure out my way in life pretty early…. I wasn’t given that choice to stay with mom and dad and my family and just enjoy all the things that children need to enjoy! It doesn’t make me sad though…. not at all… my past has made me who I am today and I am proud of how I turned out! But if I had a choice I for sure would stay playfull and carefree much longer!  In many cases it is a certain situation in a family that makes children want to leave sooner and become independent… but what I would advice a child is: don’t rush it… you will have most of your years of your life to be an adult… childhood is such a short time of your life…. enjoy it… embrace it… you will have all your life ahead of you to be a grownup and take care of yourself… childhood is precious… I think I also think differently about it now that I am a mother myself… you just see how time flies by and how fast your child grows up and you just wish you could keep him/her onder your wing forever… so that is what I am going to tell my children… to be a kid and have no worries… because they will have plenty of time to be adults and be on their own! I also think that that is why i love those times when I can be careless and playfull and not take myself serious at all… just to bring back that little peace of my past which I didnt get to enjoy long enough! I even see it as a treat… treat myself to what i deserve… Now that I am a grown up and can make these decisions myself… and know that nobody can take this joy away from me anymore! 🙂 I am the only one whom I gotta ask permission to do whatever I want! 🙂 It is a blessing to be able to realize this… I feel blessed…. 

Wishing everybody a careless night… 



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  1. I love snow too. I like your advice to a child. I agree. I love being around children and their innocence and joy at taking in the wonder of all the things around them, just as you enjoyed the snow. It is something we all need to keep alive in ourselves.

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