I hate subjects

Feeling like a zombie today. I know, I know.. I can only blame myself for it. I feel empty, my energy has left me a good while ago and I have no idea how to get it back. My mind is blank today. Cant think, dont want to think. This has been such a lazy Saturday and I hate it. Had a walk to town. Walking was good for a change. I thought fresh air will make me feel better, fill my brain with some oxygen but no.. I was so wrong, I still have that weird feeling even though I have had my fresh air and all. I wish I would know what is wrong with me. I am sick of feeling the way I feel. I try to forget about it. I try to tell myself that its only in my mind.. maybe it is and maybe I just cant figure it out how to get rid of it all. How many more days, weeks, months will it take? I think I need a nap..

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