Verzeihung (sorry) for not writing for two days. This journal is going to be short too because I am literally freezing to death right now and my fingers are all stiff and kind of numb. I don’t even know WHY it is so effing cold right now…I mean there is basically no frost, no ice and there is DEFINITELY no snow outside right now (and there probably won’t be any snow this year, #disappointed).

Anyway. Nothing has really happened in the past two days. On Friday, I had no time to write because in the morning my dad took the one and only laptop to school and we had to drive back to the countryside in the afternoon. And in the countryside the internet is super slow. Like, slower than slow. And Goodnight just REFUSED to open for me, even after I nearly got hypothermia from sitting in front of the icy old laptop for two hours, just waiting for it to open.

My German has progressed from the alphabet to some German color words. I have to say, I think learning German is super fantastically fun! I mostly watch some videos made by this woman named Katja–all of the videos are only a few minutes long, but they’re really helpful and entertaining. I can kind of sort of barely introduce myself in very, very simple German now (some places will be spelled without umlauts because I have no idea how to type them out on a computer so I’ll put an asterix after the letter that should be umlauted–and my grammar may not be really correct):

Mein Name ist Grace. Ich komme aus den USA. Ich bin fu*nfzehn jahre alt. Ich vohne in einer Stadt, und Ich bin ein Schu*lerin.

Which is supposed to mean “My name is Grace. I come from the USA. I am fifteen years old. I live in a city, and I am a student.” I THINK it should be mostly grammatically corrrect…but who knows. German grammar is hard–and it’s also kind of confusing, determining whether things should be male, female or neutral. But I love learning it, so I could care less whether it’s hard or not.

Anyway. (Sorry for saying ‘anyway’ too often. I just have no idea how to start a new sentence without saying something like ‘so’ or ‘anyway’ or ‘oh yeah’ when I’m writing a journal.) I hope you guys had a great weekend, and I also hope you have an amazing Monday (yeah right, Mondays suck 90% of the time). But still.

See you guys tomorrow–


2 thoughts on “Freezing”

  1. Anyway, you just answered a question I emailed you. 🙂 And anyway, I hate being without my computer. Being able to communicate has become so important to me! Even if I am only talking to myself sometimes. And anyway . . . anyway is better than ‘anyways’ for some reason ‘anyways’ gets on my nerves. I am not sure it is really a word. Anyway . . . good to see you and hope you are warm soon! It’s chilly here in Indiana too but no snow to speak of. Just frost on the windshields. Well anyway, I think I better get going! Write on.

  2. Your German is already pretty good! 🙂 Keep learning, I think it would be so cool if you can say that you’ve taught yourself a whole language (or just the basics, that’s cool too 😀 ) Hope you have (had) a great Monday, too!

    ~ Sleep Tight

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