Obeying Jesus

By Pastor Larry Dublanko

Acts 11:22-26

1 Peter 1:1-2

Usually, those who are going through problem after problem after problem, are wandering from God and Spiritual Leadership.

We are to advance the kingdom of God.

Profession of Christ VS. The way we live our life

Jesus owns all of our assets.

God refines us so we can be ultra productive for Him.

*Practical ways of obeying Jesus:

1. Obedience to the Word of God
God’s revealing to mankind His nature, purpose, plan and directives.

2. Submit to your Spiritual Leadership.
Hebrews 13:17
Obeying our leaders.
Receive prophet (leadership) and you will see reward. (Win/win situation)

3. Obey the prompting of the Holy Spirit.
Designed to respond to the Holy Spirit
“God gives us a free will to reveal/determine our priorities” -Jesse Jackson

Your putting a puzzle together with missing pieces & wondering why there is gaps.


My Big Take Away:

Followers of Jesus are striving to become identical to Jesus.

Where you write checks in your life is where your priorities lie.

It’s very difficult to obey Jesus when you only see Him as our Savior.
Savior-Becoming a Christian
Lord-Accepting that Jesus owns EVERYTHING
King- Jesus rules over our will

People want to do something for God in their own way.

Christians know a lot but they may not know a lot about God’s word.

Important to understand:
1. We have been chosen.
2. Chosen according to the knowledge of the Lord
-He had a plan going before you were born.
3. You’ve been set apart for something bigger than ourselves
4. Our PURPOSE is to obey Jesus
5. We are sprinkled by the blood of Jesus.

Read your bible cover to cover.

Harmony between:
A. Holy Spirit
B. Word of God
C. Spiritual Leaders Blessings
& You are ready to go! You will have the blessing of the Lord

Obeying does not save us but it is the fruit of a transformed heart.

Obedience validates we are a child of God.

We know more about Facebook, Frozen and the proper air pressure in an NFL football but we don’t know how to navigate through scripture.

11 people + Paul changed the world.

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