Sometimes that is all you need to gain perspective is a good night’s sleep.  I did a marathon sleep last night and feel so much better today.  I know starting a new job always does that to me, so much to learn and new things to get used to so that I feel a comfort level.  Worrying about having gas to get there doesn’t help but it is all working out with a good end in site with a  paycheck coming soon.  It’s all going to be okay.

I’m going to catch some college basketball on TV before going in for my shift this evening.  I am showered and dressed and ready to go.  Today is a good day.


One thought on “Sleep”

  1. Nice to read you are settling well into your new job! 🙂 And sleep is very important, true! I’m glad despite some worries you still manage to stay positive and look forward to better things coming! And what’s the point of beeing worried about stuff before a problem really accours anyway, right? I’m sure you can fix any problem presenting itself! 🙂 there is always a way out! 🙂

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