An amazing weekend start, around P.E in a day, and ended off with a great memories!

My weekend, was amazing, just extremely busy. Aiden and I went to Christie and Brad on Friday night to stay over at them, and Christie and I ended up going out to have sushi for supper, just the two of us, because we had a craving for sushi, while the boys stayed at the house and just ordered pizza. It was a nice night out for sushi. I had desert, and Christie could not fit desert. So then, when we were finished eating, we hurried to the shops to get snacks for our movie night. We battled to choose the best snack, but we managed, and my feet were in pain from standing in high heels in the sweet isle, and then after we got the snacks, we hurried to a video shop to rent scary movies. We got two very scary movies, even though it took us a long time to choose, but we got the best scaries. Scary is actually an understatement, honestly. We rented Arachnophobia, and Seed of Chucky. Yes, sounds dreadful, and we got a lot of scares, especially when Aiden decided to walk into the room quietly and scare the nerves out of us.  I, was not impressed, although, he did a great job, as  Christie and I woke her dad up with our screaming, hahaha, that was a bit embarrassing, but her mom was laughing.  It was a Friday spent very well, I enjoyed it. That Saturday morning we had an early start to the day. We went to my house to fetch a few things I had forgotten the day before. So we hurried to my house, got my things, and I saw my dad which made his face light up, and then Christie and I went from there to the beachfront to have a nice breakfast at a restaurant that looks onto the ocean, incredible! I had a breakwater breakfast (one soft egg, bacon, mushrooms, tomato relish, and toast), with a hot Brazilian hazelnut drink, which was beyond amazing. The smell of the ocean, fresh air, the SOUND of the waves, and vibes, the beautiful sunny weather, it was so lively. When my Brazilian hazelnut came, it was a milkshake, so I told the waitron, and she said they don’t serve it hot, and she brought me a menu to show me, and I showed her it’s with the hot drinks, so she walked away a little irritated and took the milkshake with her and brought me the hot drink, oops! Innocent mistake. Then when we were finished eating, we went to take the movies back. After that we went to the shopping mall to get groceries for a party we were invited to that night. Then Christie and I walked around that same shopping mall to look for a hair accessory she could not find. Then we couldn’t find it, so we went to a different mall and walked around for a long time, could not find what she wanted, so we decided to go back to the house, but Christie and I lost the car, but then realised we were in the wrong parking area, then went to the right one, then Christie took a very wrong turn and we ended up downtown, so she made a quick U-turn and we finally found our way back to the house. Then we both had a rest on the beds because of exhaustion, and Christie passed out. After a few hours, we finally started getting ready for the party that night. I did mine and Christie’s hair and make up, and we were ready to go! Aiden met us at the party. The party was amazing! Great vibes. Swimming, Braaing, and then when the boys were all gone, us girls all had a very nice sleep over! Memories were made and captured! Then Sunday morning came and I left that house early to help my mom prepare her birthday party that day. Mom’s party was great! My littles cousin swimming and my friend, Aiden and I joined him, even though he was splashing a bit too much for a relaxing swim. Great vibes, lovely weather, great friends and family, and at the end of the day, everyone was tired, but that didn’t stop my mom and I from having a relaxing night swim together, and talking in the pool, and that’s when we spoke about taking my journalism future further. We had laughs, felt like two mad woman, and just had fun. Then I had a nice warm bath and passed out as I lay down on my bed. Wow, I was exhausted! I needed that weekend! It was amazing! Now Monday, well, it was a rainy Monday. Wow!

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