Dear god our horrible punishment of constant “practice” is over! Partly because we’ve been doing this for how long now? Too long is what I think. And the second reason is-and I think this is the real reason why this punishment is over. Well…remember when I posted on here about my trip to Wal-Mart with VI and he accidentally crapped himself? Well…

We were in the middle of “practice” and it wasn’t time for our bathroom break yet. VI starts asking I if he could go to the bathroom really fast and that he’d make up for the lost time. I says no because our next bathroom is in 15 minutes. VI said that he can’t hold it that long, but did I listen? NOPE! And in the end everyone suffers.

VI did his best to hold it-he really did, but it happened anyway. What is with him and ruining every pair of boxers he has?! We all knew the exact moment when it happened too. The music we were listening to had stopped. The next song was about to play, but instead all we heard was a loud gurgling noise and a lot of swearing.

Everyone just kinda stopped what they were doing and slowly left. Poor VI I felt so bad for him! But there was no way I was staying in there to deal with that mess! After that, I told all of us that this was the last day of this kind of “practice”

VI wasn’t embarrassed about it though. He got out of the shower, stared at all of us and said quote, “I tried to tell all of you. When a man’s gotta (insert swear word here) he’s gotta (insert swear word here) And if he can’t find a toilet than he’s gonna (insert swear word here) right where he’s standing! End quote.

Signing off


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