My Diary

Dear Diary Journal,

These last few days have been the hardest most exasperating arduous weeks of my life. It is O200 hours in the morning. I‘m hungry, tired, and my feet are barking at me. I’m in small grassy hill of a city called Shiloh in Tennessee. I have just overheard juicy information that I could give back to Union Lieutenant General Ulysses S. Grant. My job is to find information that is beneficial to the army and navy, but it’s been 4 hours, and I haven’t seen or heard anything. I waited 30 minutes, and that’s when the drama started. I heard how the Confederates were planning to wait here at Shiloh and take out the Union buy shock. They are being led by Confederate General Albert Sydnee Johnston one of the highest generals in the South. I knew I had to deliver this juicy detail to Grant. This is bad they are coming out of the campouts. I’m hiding a in a bush. I had been asleep, so I woke up, and I saw a pile of bodies of gray and blue. Men of different heights, weights, and lives scattered across the floor like carpet. I have to find my people hopefully I don’t get in to much trouble. I know where the Confederates though were going after Shiloh, and I know my job is impacting the war.




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