Small Acts Of Kindness


Last Friday, I went grocery shopping after work for a few items. I was tired and a feeling low in life. I just wanted to get my food stuffs then go home and disappear for a few life times. As I carried my basket, I encountered a female worker I had spoken to a few times about products and where they were. She smiled at me and asked how I was and wished me a good day. Suddenly my fatigue and sadness left me. I smiled back at her awkwardly. Sometimes smiles need a moment to warm-up to be good. I did the best I could. I had always felt that with my age and often ragged appearance, the woman was a bit intimidated by me (although I had always been kind to her). I felt… good. The cliche, “weight of the world” lifted from me. I went home and for the past few days I felt gratitude to that woman for her kindness to me. You see in my life, I have come to value greatly simple small acts of kindness. A moment of time out of someone’s life; a smile, a few kind words can go far with me. I try to give such to others every day. It’s a game a hobby a PRACTICE for me no matter how I think I feel. It is a medicine. If I feel a bit down, helping another person smile will raise me up.

Today I went grocery shopping. I kept it in mind that if I saw the woman that had been kind to me I would thank her and tell her she had lifted me up. I did find her. I ambushed her with a smile and expressed my gratitude. I wanted her to see what simple kind words and action do. The impact. I wanted her to feel good about it and to feel emboldened to continue to do so again. I hope too that my gratitude lifted HER up.

I have a coworker that is constantly negative. I feel we are fencers all the time. I with my largely positive attitudes and he with his negative. Yes I admit I can be cynical at times with my negative moments but the difference between me and so many is that I am AWARE of it. I am aware and work to change it. Self critical of a mood performance. Our thoughts created emotion and mood. I try to work on that all the time. To feel good to improve a mood or rise out of a low is a choice. NOT for others to make or to goad us into but for us to arrive at on our own. Sometimes a good low depressive wallowing feels good. For a while. A SHORT while. Then it’s time to get on with life. Get on with our natural state of being which is NOT to be low but to tinker with our thoughts and attitudes to make a higher better mood.

Smiling is fun.
A good practice.
I like to do it with coworkers and strangers. It is especially fun to ambush a stranger with a smile. Carefully though. Measured. Hmmm I think I can get away with hitting this person with a smile. Ahhhhh there it goes! I smile… they return it and join with it! Very very cool… 🙂
We practice in life what we want to be who and how we want to be.
It’s a Choice.
I think before I go to bed now, I will smile at this monitor screen and hope someone see’s it and feels like smiling back….

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  1. Thank you. Smiles are contagious. As-is laughter. I think it something to cultivate in our lives. Gardens of positivity manifest in what we grow in ourselves and offer to others. The most beautiful smile I have ever seen was on the face of an old woman with numbers tattooed on her arm. Yes she was a holocaust survivor. It has stuck with me all my life as a great lesson.

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