Well, winter break has officially started for me. It was supposed to start on Thursday, but, since my parents let me ‘skip’ today’s classes, it started heute. That’s how you’re supposed to spell Today in German. Don’t mind me, I’m just trying to use as many German Worte (words) in my written and spoken language now, to get some more practice.

Hmm. What should I talk about today? Because I didn’t go to class, I can’t tell you anything about school. Other than the fact that yesterday night, my dad went over two units of chemistry in two hours. I was pretty nervous the whole time, but I put on a blank face and didn’t say anything. Not to say that I wasn’t listening–I actually was. I didn’t really dare space out, in case he asked me a question. I was most nervous when he went over the practice problems in the textbook and he found some wrong answers I wrote–whoops. But surprisingly, the two hours went by without him saying anything in a loud voice or getting impatient. So that went well. Not sure about the next few units though…But I shouldn’t get too worried about stuff that will happen in the future. As long as I don’t act too dumb, and I’m respectable, and I don’t ask too many questions that begin with “Why” (for some reason, he kind of hates it when you ask the big W-H-Y) everything should all go fine.

It hasn’t snowed yet today, but it’s supposed to snow tonight. The weather report says that there’s going to be an average amount of snow. There better be, or I’ll have gotten my hopes up for nothing. I’m counting on the snow today and tomorrow to be the snow that I’m going to have to remember for the next eleven months or so, so. Not that I’m actually waiting for enough snow to make a big snowman or anything, because the snow in cities should be pretty disgusting, what with all the slush and mud on the ground. It’s seriously muddy outside right now–I don’t even know where the mud all COMES from, but it’s there and it keeps splashing up on the bottom of your jeans when you go outside.

Today we Skyped with my older sister for two hours. Mostly my mom talked to her. It’s not that I don’t like my sister or that I’m scared of her, because I was really happy to see her–it’s just that I didn’t have much to say. Nothing has really been going on in my life. Plus she mostly knows what’s been happening already because we keep writing to her. But I was happy to see that she’s still as cool as ever. I worshipped my sister when I was younger; I still wish I was more outgoing and fun like her.

Anyway. My playlist of late has consisted of lots of random songs including The End of the World by Skeeter Davis, which is this song from 1962 that was made into a Mandarin version called 后会无期 for a Chinese movie of the same name. Also, still listening to a bunch of Tokio Hotel and Coldplay. My taste in music leans heavily toward alternative rock–lots of the songs I like are sorted into indie/alternative rock, or just some sort of rock. But that might not mean anything, as I also like jazz. Like I’ve said before, I like so many different genres of music that it surprises even me when I love this really old or really obscure song. My taste in fashion (if, um, I even have a “taste”–I’m not exactly really fashion-conscious) is pretty much the same, because I love different aspects of different styles.

I think it would be really cool if I became fluent in German and started a career as an English-Mandarin-German translator. How freaking badass would that be? I mean, knowing two foreign languages might not seem like much to people in Luxembourg, where 61% of adults there can speak like four languages or something (thanks to Yahoo! Travel for that snippet of random info) but it would be awesome if I could be a high-level translator. It’s a respectable job, you get paid pretty well, and you might even get to go to other countries! Also, I can’t really think of another job that I really really really like, aside from “bestselling author” (if that can actually be called a  real job and not just a fantasy job). So maybe I should get on it and start learning German like there’s no tomorrow!

Oops. My dad is back. I would’ve written this journal earlier if I hadn’t fallen asleep and then had to wait for my little sister to get off. I’m kind of nervous that he might again start to tutor me…yes, yes, I know I said I wouldn’t worry about something that would happen in the future, but the future is NOW. Maybe if I just keep writing like mad I can put it off until later–because whatever I do, I’ll still always be a very big procrastinator when I can get away with it.

Oh yeah, remember how I said that I wanted to buy a mini tablet? Well, I kind of gave up on that idea when I couldn’t decide on which one to buy because they all seemed a bit expensive, but now I think I might buy a Xiao Mi! I keep hearing that Xiao Mi has made a really good smartphone and the company is expanding or whatever. Plus their tablets are cheaper than Samsung and Apple. So if they get a good rap for good products, I might just settle down with a Xiao Mi tablet. I mean, it LOOKS pretty much the same as any other…tablets actually all look pretty much the same when you come down to it.

Anyway. Have any of you ever heard of this singer called GEM, or Gem Tang? She’s a twenty-three-year-old singer from Hong Kong who is now very popular in China. She’s the one who sang the Chinese version of The End of the World. I don’t actually listen to her songs–I’ve only heard her sing like twice–but it says on Wikipedia that she has a fan base in New Zealand. Which would be surprising if true, because I can’t really imagine that anyone in New Zealand would like to listen to Cantopop, or just Chinese music in general. I’m just asking because I have always imagined that basically no one but a Chinese person would listen to Chinese music. There are a few Chinese songs that are okay to me but mostly I don’t like them. Especially the music that my mother is currently blaring from the phone. It really gets on my nerves. That is why there are two music apps on the phone–I listen to music on my app, they listen to their music on their app, that way no one has to skip over the music that the other likes.

Hmm, I’m hungry now…It’s cold and I just feel hungry all the time now. But there is like nothing to eat (or rather, there is nothing that I WANT to eat) at home. What I would like right now, is a big freshly-baked pizza, or a burger with fries and all the works, or just a chocolate cake with lots of chocolate frosting. Yes, very unhealthy, I know, but the hungrier I am, the unhealthier I want to eat. I can’t go out to buy anything either (well I technically can, but I’m too lazy and afraid of the slushy wet outdoors to go). Plus there is nothing I really want to buy that is near us anyway.

ANYway. I should get going now. Surprising that I managed to write down all of this garbage in less than an hour! I probably managed to do this because I wasn’t multitasking by writing half the time and reading articles and searching up random stuff online during the other half, which is what I usually do when I write.

So see you guys tomorrow. Stay cool–


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  1. Wow lots to catch up on! Glad you are on break. I am going to read this again later today after I get some rest and check out the music and stuff.

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