Eye Candy

I don’t feel like I’m asking to much or wrong for wanting eye candy at places I spend much of my time like the gym, work and class (at least one of them).
I have one at the gym and he is freakin gorgeous like smooth dark chocolate skin. Great body. Beautiful eyes. I love it and I don’t want to know anything about not his name not even what his voice sounds like because that could potentionally ruin my fantasy of him. I look at him and I just imagine all the nasty freaky things he could do to. I imagine his is aggressive and passionate. Strong and crazy. In my fantasies of course I’m a lot stronger and more flexible than I really am but they serve as a good motivator to get that way. I don’t want any communication with this man. The only thing i would want him to know is that when I look at him I’m thinking of all the things He would do to me that way when he sees me, he smiles and thinks about all the things I want him to do to me.
Is that weird? I want this everywhere different candies with different stories. I can create a whole narrative of a fAntsy in my head and no one ever has to know. I had one at work but he ruined it by talking too much. There are a few guys that have potential but I see them sparingly…

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