I need to catch a break

It’s ironic how bad people…really bad people always seem to have all the luck…like nothing could ever go wrong in their life. I don’t understand how life is sometimes…I try to live my life the way God wants me to..I go to church, I pray..I teach my kids right from wrong…I work hard for my family  and the things I have..yet it still doesn’t feel like its enough. I feel like there is a black cloud always following me around. I know that money does not buy happiness, and it is not something that you can take with you – but at the same time…money does make things easier. If I made enough money to where my house payment was paid on time each month, my car payment was always on time, and all other bills on time and still had extra cash to spend on food and clothes for my husband and kids…then I would be satified. I feel like I am not providing for them and part of that reason is because I am the only person in my household that works. I am trying to raise a family on one salary while my husband stays at home. I think it was a mistake for him to quit his job as early as he did but my mom was driving us crazy. She seriously neglected one of my twins..his needs were not getting met and to top it off all but $500 of his paycheck was going to pay my mom for watching the kids…I would come home to a filthy home, kids never bathed and a ton of phone calls throughout the day bugging me. I couldn’t do it..no amount of money is worth that. I just wish I would finally make it big at my job…and have a consistent pay check. One can dream right?!

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