Make Her Moan

I keep typing and retyping how to introduce this topic, but nothing seems to make it not sound like a corny fantasy. I often say, “words unspoken are the best kept secrets, and as I begin to write down my most inner thoughts I wonder if this saying is still true. These words I will never speak out loud but write them to be read by stranger’s eyes. Are they still a secret?

In my perfect world I’d be a stripper. I would be top notch, talented, big ass, big titties, beautiful and beautiful body. Men from all over would pay stacks just to get a front row seat to my show. My moves would have dudes spending their whole pay check on me. I would just have that hypnotizing effect on them. Along side me would be my best friend Ahseim. My friend is beautiful and I can’t help but to fantasize about making those legs tremble. I want to torture her with pleasure and make her moan my name. Every time I see her I wonder what her juices taste like. probably sweet. I picture my head buried between her thighs and my tongue inside her walls as I suck on her clitoris. I want to play with her nipples as I feel more and more of her juices flow into my mouth. I’ve been wanting to taste her since we moved in together our junior year of college. In my perfect world she would work with me. We would do shows together, grinding on each other naked on stage.I would find unique positions and poses to eat her pussy all while a thunderstorm of bills confetti over us.

I went to see her last weekend and the other Ahseim came as well. A part of me wishes that she hadn’t so I could spend the alone time I wanted with lil seim. The first night I fell asleep on the couch and woke up pissed because I wanted to sleep in the bed with her and see if I could feel on her. I wanted to massage her breast and sneak my hand into her panties and make her wet. I don’t know why I think about it so much when I see her. The relationship I want with her is the literally definition of friends with benefits. I don’t have romantic feelings I just long to taste her pussy is all. It’s a strictly sexual attraction but the emotions I have towards her remain on a friend level. The fact that I have a boyfriend also makes it tricky because if I did ever get the chance to pleasure her, would that be cheating? According to my boyfriend it would, and I can see why we wouldn’t be okay with that. In my perfect world I would have the type of relationship Kalenna from Love & Hip Hop tried to have where she had a husband and family but she and her best friend had sex when they saw each other. I think that would be amazing. How do I tell my friend that I want to make her moan? Sigh, I’m not sure how but I have a feeling she will find out eventually. I just really hope she is open to it.

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