Stalker Application

January 26th, 12:28

Is it weird that I want a stalker? Not a homicidal one of course, I’m not trying to die. But I do want someone that watches me and sends me random messages detailing the things he wants to do to me. I’ve always had this fantasy of meeting this crazy but fine gentleman somewhere. Not even meeting him but crossing paths. The most interaction would be a smile and a hello. But from that he becomes obsessed.

I met this guy in the club this passed Saturday that would be perfect. He’s very cute but the fact that he asked me my full name that night then proceeded to add me on linkedin the next day was kind of weird but exciting. He just seems like he would be the type. The only thing is I don’t want to know who my stalker is. It would take away from the mystery. I fantasize that one day I would be home alone, he would break in while I was in the shower and as soon as got out he would take this pussy. Even then the lights would be off and I wouldn’t know who he was but I could feel his hard body and it would turn me on as I fight him off.

I know it makes no sense to want such a thing and if I were to actually tell someone they’d find me crazy and I wouldn’t disagree but I can’t help it. So with that said I’m taking applications. Is there a sexy non violent yet aggressive man out there who specializes in the art of stalking?

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