trouble with humans

So been having issues with humans. The boyfriend, let’s call him k, is friends with a female, let’s call her c. Well k and c had what I felt was a highly inappropriate exchange. Her getting her nipples pierced, k paying for it and c sending him topless pics of them after. K had previously agreed with another female friend it was inappropriate for him to have naked pics of other females but k did show me immediately that c sent them to him. And c and I know each other and interact and I have made it abundantly clear to her that those behaviors are very inappropriate and why she has issues in her own relationship. C also asked k to take her to a swingers club which again he told me about. So, to me, things appear clear on his side of the shit
Well a close friend of mine, let’s call her s, was having issues in her relationship with c for similar reasons. We confided in each other. She knows k as well. We talked about how the behaviors made us feel. Now c lives 4 hours from k and 2 hours from s. I said I wanted to see k and c interact in person before I decided if I needed to flip shit. Some more behaviors of c came to light and how she interacts with other involved men and my rage and disgust for her swelled
So I turned to my friend, let’s call him d. He knows all the parties involved, all of them. Plus he and c used to talk. They were working on a relationship and gave up for similar issues, confided in him. Wanted a male perspective. Am I over reacting? Is c as massively naive as she puts herself out there to be or is she a man eater that several of the females feel she is? Is it harmless borderline behavior or is it a bigger issue. Agreed that I need to see them interact in person before making the final judgment but also let me into the world of his interactions with her and how she was behind the fail of his relationship. How it seems innocent and might be but can be very hurtful. Like a dog with a bone. C plays with a guy for a while then when she is done with him she tucks him away, soon as he finds a new chick, all the sudden she is interested in him again, like a dog with a buried bone when someone else digs it up.
Well s and c had a huge blow up after c crossed the line again. Publicly humiliating s while playing the innocent victim. Is she really that naive? Should I be furious or feel bad for her and lead her the right way?
I tried to stay out of the blow up. Let the two of them sort it out. Then c calls k. I understand but still, that is the type of shit that the other females had issues with too. Does she not see this? Then she calls d. D and c talk it out. About everything, d tells her everything including how I feel despite me saying I wasn’t to see how they interact in person before reacting. That road trip was supposed to be next month, well of course c calls k. Now I’m the bad guy. I’m the one who is wrong. It’s just boobs. Who cares? Am I wrong? Is it no different than sending a pic of her thumb? How is it I’m questioning myself now? How am I the one who is wrong? I highly doubt I will ever get to meet her now. K will clam up. I’ll never here his interaction with c again. Even if the interactions do change and become proper, I will never know. Thought knowing her I highly doubt it will change. I will just be out of the loop.
K getting mad his name was brought up. C pissed. S and d no longer speaking. All over c behavior. Damn catholic guilt. Apparently I can’t trust anyone to talk to about my feelings because if I do someone is always mad. Just going to bottle everything up, just use this as my way of getting it all out of my head. The computer will be the only one I trust, the only thing I can talk to, to get my feelings out of my head. Just reaffirms lessons I have learned my entire life. I’m a horrible human being and no one is worth of my trust,

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  1. Sounds like this girl is WAAAAY out of line. Bottom line is if you’re not comfortable with the way they interact then your bf needs to man up and change that. I doubt he would be okay with you sending boob pics to one of your male friends claiming it’s just boob, and if he is welp then you may want to reevaluate if this is what you want.

    -Hope things work out for you.

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