it’s ok though…

Today I’m feeling a bit down… can’t seem to find inspiration and/or motivation to stay positive… I just feel like feeling sorry for myself and all the things that are not enough in my life… and I’m sure I will get back my greatful self but at the moment I just don’t feel very motivated… I have been doing yoga all week and meditating aswell… it goes good.. only today I was struggling a bit… I just seemed to not beeing able to find my peace and even patience to sit with my thoughts… And I know those kind of days will be there… always.. the magic is to still be able to sit through it all… and I did… after which I got this headache… not cool… it was so dark outside this morning… it was raining and all was grey and dark…. but then it started to snow…. and as much as I love snow and it did make me smile for a bit, I just couldn’t stay happy for long… Mostly I just overthink stuff…. that’s my biggest fault in all of this… I think about the nearest future and if I see a problem that I know I can’t fix right away it gets me down and I just blow the whole deal out of proportion… all I seem to see is just how bad it will get… although most of the times when the problem really comes,  it kind of resolves by itself and it all goes fine… it is just hard to see that at the moment… I just want to kind of sleep it off….

Maybe i should answear the next question of my mind clearing journey…. that might help lift up my mood… it is a great question… Have you been the type of friend that you would want as a friend?

This is interesting…. For the most part i would say: Yes, I have! 🙂 I am kind to myself… I mostly give myself a good advice… I am very rational I’d like to think…. I take good care of my self… especially now when I have discovered all these new tools to keep me more uplifted and positive! Most of the time I am very positively motivated about my life! I am very honest to myself and I think I make the right choices as to how I want my life to be… and I do give credit to myself if I feel like I have accomplished something… more in the past few years I have understood how important it is to make time for myself and just pamper myself  and give myself the needed attention for me to feel great, so I can radiate it towards other people around me… I have understood that if I am happy and feel great I have the ability to take great care of other people, even if it is just by beeing a positive influence in somebodies life…. one thing I totally don’t appreciate though is when those days come when I feel down, people would feel sorry for me… I just refuse to be seen that way… everybody has bad days, and I guess it is just a natural human reaction to feel sorry for other people, and show compassion… but I rather have that people do it in an uplifting positive kind of way instaed of calling me “oh, poor you”… I am so not poor!!! I am strong and I have gone through my bad times mostly on my own… maybe it is just some defence mechanism from my side… but it has worked for me through out my life and I am gonna keep going! So now I am going to do everything i can to get out of my sad mood… 

I wish you all a great day and remeber: bad times in life are just phases.. they come and go… but they never stay too long… it is all about how you wiew it and how long you allow those phases to last! 🙂

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  1. Yep we all have those days and it looks like you have great tools in your toolbox to overcome them. I know for me not getting enough sleep is horrible for me, I am in a very grumpy mood and it is not helping my day get better. I wonder why I feel so angry and then I realize I am not taking care of myself the way I should be. I am going to try to put a smile on it even if I don’t feel it, a smile always leads to more smiles. I am not being the friend to my husband today that I would wish for him to be to me, and it just cycles around or spirals down, I have to stop the downward momentum with my own attitude.

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