The more I see, the more I want

I realized today that the more I see things, the more I want. All those nice things out there… Better Apartment, better neighborhood, better lifestyle well not too much about nicer cars but all those things make me want them so bad. I guess I just want to be at the better position in my life which I always wanted. I have the goals in my life but it doesn’t seem like I’m achieving any of those for past couple years. All those trying and waiting got me frustrated sometimes like today. Although I know I won’t give up trying, I can’t just ignore these feelings. I’m thinking and waiting every single moments to get something better and hope that’s gonna happen soon.

Maybe I’m driving to wrong direction or does not have the right car that can speed up on my expectation. However, I can’t really tell what went wrong or it’s just taking really long time. Well, what am I missing here?

2 thoughts on “The more I see, the more I want”

  1. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with wanting better things faster. Don’t get too disappointed–just because it might take a while to get what you want doesn’t mean you won’t get them, or mean that you’ve done something wrong. It just means that you have to keep working for them and be patient because I am sure that you will reach your goals in time!

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