freaking a!

I am soo pissed; I sent the note to k. Explaining how I feel/felt with the whole situation. And I get dismissed?!?!?!?! Thinking it was funny, getting defensive, not even an attempt to say “I’m sorry” for making you feel that way or nothing is going on or anything. Just if you think I’m hiding something, fine. Just it’s only a picture, what’s the difference between posting in in a group and sending it to my phone.
Ok then. What’s the difference between going to a strip club and watching that and someone that you are enamored by, and knows you are, coming and giving you a private strip show in your bedroom. That is the fucking difference. Oh my fucking god
Let me put it into different terms for you. You and I are at a bar. Cuddled up to each other, holding hands. Some chick walks up and kisses you in front of me and instead of pushing her off and being ‘you can’t do that’, you get all giddy and pull her close and kiss her back. Then you both laugh about it. Then when I get pissed about it instead of ‘I’m sorry I didn’t want to hurt you’ or ‘it’s not what it looks like’ or ‘I was wrong’ its ‘wtf is your issue? This is funny, it’s just a kiss. You are the wrong one. Hahahahahahaha’. That is what you did. How can you not see this?
I said how I felt yesterday. Then not another word for the rest of the day. He did message me later asking how work was and just wanting to say hi. Said we got slammed but it was ok, then nothing again. Balls in your court sweetie. I guarantee you called at least once between my note and now. You choose. Tell her to stay on the fucking bleachers where she belongs or tell me you can’t give up the ego stroke she provides.

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