So here I am

As I get older I am starting to realize that there is just way too much hate and chaos on this planet right now. I am wondering if George Carlin is correct and the planet is going to shake off mankind soon or if we will just destroy ourselves. My ten year old, Lucy, is worried about a third world war. She is ten! She sees things on television about Ferguson and Isis, so I guess I don’t blame her and I refuse to not let her watch some news sometimes. I have explained that each generation has their fears and travesties that they grow up with and that her dad and I are here to protect her. Speaking of protection, my hubby bought me my own Glock recently. My first handgun. Don’t worry, its locked in a gun safe. I remember when I was younger and my dad took us to the sand dunes and my brother and I would shoot soda cans with dad’s 22. I really enjoyed that. It was so much fun. If I were to do that with my daughter I am pretty sure I would get arrested. I grew up in the 80s when kids rode in the back of pick up trucks, and me and my friends rode our bikes 5 miles to the beach and didn’t get kidnapped. I read about a woman in Virginia who was dragged away by the police for sitting at one end of her road on her doorstep while her kids played in the cul de sac just 50 yards away. They arrested her for neglect and child endangerment. Link:

Obviously I think this is insane. Yet, I sit on my step and watch Lucy ride up and down our street and tell her not to go out of my line of sight because who wants to be dragged away in handcuffs in front of their kid?

So maybe you are wondering why I am here and maybe not. It has to do with my opening statement. There is so much hate and chaos. I don’t want to talk to my hubby about these things all the time because they are such downer issues and I get so passionate. But I have to have an outlet somewhere to stay focused and happy on my real life. I guess since I am a writer, I thought this journaling site might be a good place. I used to have an OpenDiary where people would comment and give input on how they felt or saw things and it was so enlightening. OD is gone now, and with it, my friends that I accumulated over ten years.

So here I am. Its nice to meet you too.

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