Weird, but amazing week!

The beginning of this week was very boring, as I haven’t started working just yet so I have been spending time with Aiden, because he only starts college in February. Thursday was a very weird, emotional day. That was yesterday. I had an early start yesterday morning, went to the shop to buy  bread, then had a very stressful, but good driving lesson to get me ready for my driver’s test. Then Aiden and I had a fight which made me so emotional I started hyperventilating, so I went to his house and we sorted things out so now everything is fine and I spent the rest of the day with him. Today, Friday, was AMAZING. It started with Aiden coming over this morning and we went to the shop where our friend works to keep her company for a bit when everything was quiet and boring. We came back to my house after a while, and I got ready to go to lunch with my friend, and he went to his friend for the rest of the day. I went and had sushi, prawns and calamari with my friend, then I had some cheesecake for desert. That was truly an amazing lunch, as I am barely eating enough food for some odd reason. Afterwards we walked around for a bit, then my friend took me to my best friend’s house, and I spent the rest of the day with her. By then it was already 5 PM. My best friend and I got ready to go to her youth club at a church. Her sister’s boyfriend was taking us there, but first we all decided to go get crushers at KFC. The first KFC didn’t have the ice for crushers, so we went to another one and they had ice so we all got Oreo crushers. YUMMY!!! The youth club was about four hours long and we had so much fun! All we did was play games and have contests. My best friend and I had so much fun and laughs together! It ended at 10 PM!! So then we went back to her house and I came home. Wow! I needed this week so much! Breathtaking, and truly amazing! I am going to my best friend again first thing tomorrow morning. Well, let’s see what the weekend has in store for me.

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