Who I am now

Tonight I am posting another entry this who I am now. A companion piece to the one I did yesterday.
I always strive to be the person that I am today. I believe that I am the girl or woman that I’m suppose to be and meant to be. I believe that you shouldn’t change anything about yourself but when looking over the section about who I was, there are things that if I could change, I would. I am someone who doesn’t let others walk all over them in order to make sure they are happy. It’s kinda hard to do that sometimes when you are used to caring for others emotions before your own. I am trying to be the one who makes myself happy. I am someone who loves or at least likes her reflection in the mirror and in photographs. I am someone who now has a higher self confidence in myself cause today I am able to say ” Damn I’m cute” or ” My work is amazing” and believe in those words.
I am someone who is working so hard in a relationship with someone ( the fiancee) in order to keep him. To finally feel happy with myself and with him. I want to be able to trust the fiancee, in other words, in a relationship. I am able to know that he’s dating me because he wants to be dating me, that he finds me attractive, and that he isn’t going anywhere. I am someone who can open up to others about what is going on inside without the fear of getting hurt or laughed at. I am someone who lets others know how I feel instead of putting on a front. I am someone who stops getting put alone in situations and having the fear of being alone, even though I’m always surrounded by friends and family. I am someone who stands up in things I believe in even when I think I might be judged. I am someone who speaks her mind to her friends even when it might hurt them. I am someone who truly believes in myself, my dreams, and what life has in store for me without any doubts.
Sounds a little odd doesn’t it? Yeah I am still trying to figure out who I am everyday. I guess in the end all that matters is be true to yourself.

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