Its 13 degrees out and i have to figure out how to move a china hutch by myself. All because you promised this woman you were gonna take it and decided not to cause you’re pissed at me for being mad at you for your indiscretions. If i dont i get kicked off the site because i contacted her about it first. You have a truck not me. I have a torn rotator cuff. Fml. Now you want to move cause i live on the same street? What the fuck ever. You fucked up. Man up. Say your sorry. Put her in her place. God how do males function with those egos? Glad you think im that stupid. How does a whore get not only a good man that puts up with her shit but also multiple other people boyfriends who fawn all over her? After everything i did for you. Took care of you when you broke your leg. Loaned you a fucking grand. Drove you around when your truck was busted for over a month. This is how you do me? This is what i deserve?

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