For those of you who don’t know, Alone is a really good song by Belgian singer-songwriter Selah Sue. Not judging anyone for not knowing it–it seems to be pretty obscure for now–I just listened to it for the first time, after I did this quiz on Buzzfeed. I tried a few of her other songs, but the first and the second one were pretty weird. Her Crazy Vibes was okay. Lately I’m just trying out a ton of new songs and new artists because hey, you never know if you’ll like anything before you try it, right? So I’m forcing myself to listen to different songs and singers that I’ve never tried before, and to my surprise, I like quite a few of them! I’m just trying to make myself get used to trying new things–get used to taking that first step and trying those plates of “green eggs and ham”–which is a reference to Dr.Seuss’s famous book of the same name.

Anyway, I thought I would call this journal “Alone” because lately Goodnight has been pretty boring and lonely without SleepTight, anniecat and TryingToStayAnonymous–oh yeah, and littlebirdie. I miss reading up on their posts–it had become a ritual to wake up and read about their day and then comment. It’s always sad when someone on this site quits writing. Admittedly, I didn’t post yesterday or the day before either, but that’s because it just seemed kind of pointless to write anything without anyone to read it.

Nothing much else to say, really. Still learning up on German, still dreaming of going to Germany someday, still fangirling over different bands and singers, still getting nervous when my dad tutors me in chemistry. I haven’t found any movies I would like to watch now, which is a shame. I would like to watch Big Hero 6 because it sounds so cute. And apparently, I am officially “girlfriend material” according to this dumb quiz I took on BF. Which is good to know, I guess. Pointless and kind of dumb, but good to know.

Anyway. The one thing I’m most excited about is, we’re going to go on vacation in like twenty or so days. I’m looking forward to buying lots of new clothes there. Funny thing I don’t think I’ve mentioned before is, I have suddenly taken an extreme interest in clothes/bags/shoes/hats etc. I used to not give a f*ck about anything regarding fashion–I thought shopping was boring as hell and embarassing when your mom made you try stuff on. But now I really like shopping, and looking at pretty pictures of clothes, and I really DO give a f*ck about what I wear every day, so go figure.

Hmm. I guess that’s all for today. I might write tomorrow and I might not–but I will log on, and I’ll probably comment on one or two journals, because I log on every day (sometimes several times a day) just to check and see if my four favorite writers have come back yet.

So good night, sleep tight and don’t let the werewolves bite–

Your friend who is currently playing Selah Sue’s Alone on repeat–


2 thoughts on ““Alone””

  1. Hello! I have been working so much this week I haven’t gotten online. When I haven’t been working I’ve been exhausted. After this week it will get better, this week is just extra hours training so I go to one job during the day and the other in the evening every day. Next week the training part is done so I only work two nights on that job. I’m glad to be working but this week is killing me. 🙂 I will check out Alone, I don’t think I’ve heard it. I have been thinking of you even though I have not been around. 🙂

  2. Even though I may not read this journal right away… I still creep on older journals of yours – especially when I haven’t read them already. So now that I’m oficially back I’m reading all the posts you posted! 🙂
    I always like to listen to new songs! I don’t always do it though – sometimes I just want to jam out on songs I know every word to. If you’re listening to new songs though, you should listen to Almost Lover, Sweather Weather and 30 Minute Break sometime! 😀

    Keep writing!!
    ~Sleep Tight

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