Entry 4: Siblings

Sometimes I really just wish I didn’t have any siblings. All they do is try to bother me and start arguments over nothing.  For example, my little sister kept yelling at me because I gave her the “Wrong” spoon. To be honest, I’m mostly annoyed at my little sister. She always tries to anger me. And she likes to hurt me while I’m already in pain. For example, when I was having back pain and told her about it, she decided to slap me on the back. Or when I told her that I left school early because I was having stomach pain and she punched me in the stomach. My little sister is just annoying to be blunt. She has thrown an orange at my door, knocked on my door for 20 minutes straight, stolen my belongings, and screeches like a banshee. I am really starting to get sick of it.

2 thoughts on “Entry 4: Siblings”

  1. Wow that sounds terrible. Can you talk to your parents and see what they can do about your siblings? I mean, even though they might spoil your younger sister, they should still take your side if she does stuff that’s really out of line.

  2. @PrettyInBlack
    I have, they don’t do much about it. They’ll yell at her, but that’s pretty much all that happens.

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