Staying Strong

Dear Whoever it may concern,

I was bullied awhile back, probably in middle school. (I still am mildly getting bullied) My TEACHER would ABUSE me and yell at me. My sister was no better, she made me feel sad, she would bite me and kick me. The girls at my school would whisper behind my back, make crude remarks and laugh at my misfortune. I started to get depressed and think about something, suicide. I would think of running away from home or throwing myself of the two story house I lived in. (If I didn’t die at least I would’ve gotten hurt, that’s what I thought.) I started something that was close to cutting, I would scratch myself bloody, when I became depressed I didn’t know where to go. My mother said I was stupid and my sister was part of the problem. There was NOWHERE to turn.

But then, something good happened, the evil teacher got fired and I left the school. Everything was going well. (Except for my sister, it’s STILL going on)

But in school I became friends with this girl, who would constantly pick on me and make fun of me for being Chinese. (I don’t know why I became friends with her, maybe I felt lonely, nowhere to turn to.) Luckily I stayed friends with a  couple people from that school because I had gone to that school before. 

I was lonely almost all the time. The friends I had made never stayed with me, they always left me, they STILL are leaving me. I don’t know what to do.

Please stay strong and get help 😀

Because everyone has a story, and it’s your duty to listen and help 



2 thoughts on “Staying Strong”

  1. Woah, that girl who was picking on you for being Chinese seemed like a total b*tch. I’m Chinese and I can never ever stand ANYONE laughing at anyone else for being a different race or religion because that is so freaking pathetically mean and racist.

    And you sound cool as you are, I see no reason for other people to bully you, other than that they are pathetic mean losers who need to get a life.

    PS, I’m a Harry Potter fan too xD

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