We are so sick of it!

Oh.My.God. X really knows how to piss everyone in the house off! So for the past few days he’s been getting pissed off at I for the stupidest bullcrap. I think he’s just trying to pick a fight with him. And it’s over the stupidest crap! Like today after “practice” he set his cup on the counter and went to use the bathroom. I, II and IX were in the kitchen looking for something to eat and were talking when X cames in and starts yelling at us because apparently someone moved his cup when it was in the exact same place!

He’s constantly making threats to I saying that he’s goanna move out and do this and that bla bla bla! Right now I can here him yelling and I’m all the way upstairs! I don’t know who he’s yelling at, but I’m pretty sure this isn’t going to end well. I can hear more voices. Well…I think I’ll put my headphones on and listen to some music until someone comes up here and drags me into the stupid argument. Ugh.

Signing off


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