I’ll tell you why I haven’t written in so long. Get ready. Okay, so Saturday evening I went to a (dance) party. I went with a friend. Well, not really a friend… More like someone I know and I can have some nice conversations with, you know? We both wanted to go to this monthly party so we decided to go together. Turns out that we had different definitions of “together”. For me, it means that you go there together, check up on eachother during the night and go back home together. For him, it meant going together, period. So we went together but I was basically ‘alone’ for the rest of the night. I had fun, though. The thing is, you were able to drink alcohol at that party so loads of people were getting drunk (not me, I don’t drink). So around 2 or 3 am some guys started yelling at eachother and stuff. I was just talking to someone (a really nice and interesting someone by the way!), but I was standing pretty close. At some point the yelling started to get really out of hand and they started fighting and yelling to other people. They also accidently hit me. The nice and interesting guy (let’s call him NIG hahaha) wouldn’t take that so he said something to them (I didn’t even hear what). Then they started fighting and fighting (NIG was provoking them too, he was pretty drunk). I was standing in the middle of it, trying to get away. Finally I was pushed to the ground, and in the fall I hurt my wrist, which is why I haven’t written for so long.

Anyway. It has been snowing here like crazy! Cars can’t drive anymore because it’s so slippery and the snow is such a thick layer! (Imagine how that went when I cycled to school…..) But it’s so pretty! Yesterday I went walking with my family and I just love nature. Especially when it’s like snowing (or in autumn or fall…).

Also, as you may know I’m kindof obsessed with TMR (The Maze Runner) – both the books and the movie (even though I haven’t read all the books yet, I’m currently reading Scorch Trials). If you haven’t seen/read them: DO IT! 😀 In the movies there are a few really nice/cool/cute/good actors. TMR is actually how I discovered Thomas Brodie-Sangster. He definately doesn’t look cute or anything – but he’s such a good actor! I was searching for like movies he played in and I discovered a song: 30 Minute Break – The Luka State. Thomas played in the music video, so I decided to watch it. And I’m so glad I did. First of all: I really liked the video. It’s about domestic violence and it’s really well thought out. Second of al: I really liked the song! Which is one of the reasons why I’m so glad I ‘discovered’ Thomas, haha!

I have been snacking so much. Today I already ate winegums, cookies, soup, a handful of ships and half a chocolate bar. Yesterday I hate half a PIE (it was my best friends birthday though, so I have an excuse) and ships and and and… I really want to like start eating healthy and start running and all but… nah.

I gotta go! Sorry if I made any mistakes (grammar or just weird sentences) in this journal (or others) (I’m doing it again) (sorry), I have been working on an essay about ‘English mistakes made because of mother tongue’, so I have been working with a lot of sentences that don’t make sense and I’m afraid I may start using them… Anyway.


~ Sleep Tight

3 thoughts on “I’M BAAACK”

  1. YAAAAAAAAAAYYYYY I’m SUPER PSYCHED that you’re FINALLY back!!! I have really been missing you and your journals!!!
    Awesome that you have so much snow where you are, it sounds really pretty!
    I probably won’t write much this month, as I am back in the countryside and it takes forever to open Goodnight (when it does open). But I am super super happy that you’re back to writing!!

  2. It’s so cool to see that people actually read my journal! 🙂 And PrettyInBlack, that sucks! I love reading your journals! 🙁


    ~ Sleep Tight

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