It’s about time

There are a lot of things that I’m not good – or just bad – at. Like soccer, football, acting, history, lying, being healthy, not attacking the ground (some people call it falling) and accomplishing my goals. I set new goals for 2015 (like almost everyone), and once again I stopped after a few days. I worked out for like a week and then I “didn’t have time anymore”. Which is just an excuse for being lazy. I also wanted to start eating healthy but once again I “didn’t have time to make healthy stuff, as it takes much longer”. It’s true that healthy snacks and food takes longer to prepare, but it’s bunk that I do not have time for that. I could both work out and prepare healthy snacks in 1 episode of PLL, so they’re all excuses. I also wanted to keep my room clean, but hey: I don’t have time to clean my room everyweek and when I change clothes I definately do not have time to put them away where they belong. Pssh.

Although I kind of do it too, I don’t get why people thing it’s neccesary to set goals at the beginning of the year. I mean why would Januari 1st be any better to start living your life the way you want than Februari 4th? I’m guilty though: I totally set new years resolutions.

I think time is a weird thing anyway. Why does it pass quicker when you’re having fun? Why do minutes last for hours when you’re scared, bored or really excited for something you have to wait for? It’s not only weird, it’s annoying, haha. I also think time’s wasted, by almost everyone. Because if you would honestly answer the question “do you use every hour in your day the way you want to?” I’m almost certain you’ll not answer ‘yes’. For me the answer would definately be ‘no’. Because first of all I think sleep is such a tiresome ( 😉 ) thing! Why can’t you just sleep when you have the time for it? Why would you have to spend about 8 hours sleeping? Normally, I go to bed at around 10 or 11 pm and wake up at 6.30 am. So that’s about 6 or 7 hours of sleep (I fall asleep difficult), but 7 or 8 hours of your day ‘wasted’. Well, not exactly wasted: your body recovers and I also love sleeping. But wouldn’t it be just so much better if you could choose whether you want to sleep one night? Like when you have a big test or essay coming up, or you’re having an awesome night, or you just don’t feel like sleeping, you can just not sleep and not feel any difference. And when you do have the time and you feel like sleeping, you can just sleep like you would normally do! If only…

Antiphon once wrote: “Time is not reality, but a concept or a measure.” And I can’t word what I mean, (which once again proves how much of a writer I am) but when I read that I started thinking and I felt so… little. Sitting here, in bed, in a world full of people that live around the time, typing a journal which is getting to the point where I don’t even understand what I am saying anymore. I think people live way too much by time, like I have school at 8.30 and can leave at 16.35 and will be home by 16.55 so I can have a meeting at 17.03 and will be home by 17.58 and I will eat at 18.34 and 25 seconds. What if for a few days you would not be allowed to look at the time? I think I would go crazy, to be honest haha.

Anyway, I’m writing nonsense. I guess I better stop writing now and see whatever comes out of my fingers (erm…) tomorrow.

Much love,

~ Sleep Tight

One thought on “It’s about time”

  1. Awesome and relatable journal SleepTight! I totally get where you’re coming from when you say that you stop going for your new goals after just days. I’ve promised to work out every day (I gave that up after half a week); I’ve promised myself that I wouldn’t slack on practicing piano; I’ve promised myself that I would stop procrastinating. But I gave them all up because there were just too many excuses to NOT do them.
    I think I would go insane if I couldn’t look at the time. I think you’re right, we live too much by the exact time of things–class times, work times, travel times. It’s actually pretty annoying to have everything so planned-out.
    I really liked this journal and I also liked that song you recommended, Sweater Weather! It has now become stuck in my head, so I am playing it on repeat as I write this comment.
    Anyway, I hope you have a great day–

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