Brains and Sickness

I find people really interesting. I think that may be why I like books, too. I find it interesting to see their behavior, but I also like the biology side of humans. Even though I don’t really like to study for biology, I really like learning about human beings.

Lately my science teacher has been telling us all about how he’s going to get into our brains next year. Okay, that sounds totally creepy, but what he means by that is that he’s going to teach us about the human brain: how it works, why it works, how it’s possible that people think and where emotions come from. When I heard that I was like: holy shit, how is it possible that I’ve never really thought about looking that up? Call me a nerd, but I would like to know more about that.
So since I’m sick at home today anyway, why not learn new things? That’s what I’m going to do now: learn about the human brain. 😀

What I find interesting is how (as far as I read on ONE website, which means it can totally be untrue) research hasn’t shown how emotions work exactly in the brain yet. How is it possible that, out of all the things we already discovered – we have yet to discover one of the most beautiful and natural things? Huh.

Anyway. I’m so sorry I keep coming back to this, but I’m totally obsessing over the maze runner. I have to wait to see the movie until SEPTEMBER 18TH. That’s next school year. How am I going to survive waiting so long? Okay, to be honest, I’ll probably stop thinking about it on a daily basis in a while so then when the movie is only a month away I’ll be like HOLY SHIT ASDFHGKL but right now I feel like it’s still lightyears away (to make it more dramatic).

Okay I’m kind of scared I’m going to drop my laptop, since I’m coughing so much. So I’m going to put it away now, which means the journal ends here.

Take care! 🙂

~ Sleep Tight

2 thoughts on “Brains and Sickness”

  1. It’s so cool that you’re learning about something so interesting SleepTight! I’m really sorry that you’re sick but being sick is a good excuse to stay at home and learn about more interesting stuff 😉
    Hope you get better soon and have fun learning about the human brain!

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