Hey guys, how’s it been going? If you ask me life couldn’t get harder. I always hurt the people I love. Could life get any worse? I just want to runaway. I think it’s time I packed up and went home. I wonder when I can leave. I planned it all out. I’ll pack my stuff, go to dad’s, wait until he falls asleep, sneak out, and never come back. I want to protect the people I love so I’m going home. Louisiana was never my home. I tried to pretend it was but it never was and it never will be. I hope I can pull it off. I have to drop out of school or something. I might just run and leave almost everything behind. I wonder how my real dad will feel when he gets out and calls me but I’m no where to be found. We’ll find out soon i guess. Well I better get back to my work. I love ya’ll. Bye for now guys/gals.

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