Nightmares Are NOT Beautiful! No More Sweet Dreams For Me!

It has been a while since I have written in my journal. I have been busy with looking for work, studying for school and trying to decode conspiracies for a while now. However I took to writing tonight because of something that has been disturbing me for many nights now. Whenever I sleep or nap and get into my dreaming stage, all I have are nightmares and dreams that are eerie. This has been going on for a little over a month and it is very disturbing to me.

I have been following things related to conspiracies here in America about the Illuminati and the New World Order agenda that these people supposedly have for all of humanity, not just Americans, but the entire world. Needless to say I have read and heard horrifying things that these select few want to do to people in general. However, this evening as I awoke from yet another nightmare about this subject, I am beginning to ask questions of the conspiracies themselves. These people are supposedly programming minds through this that and that object over yonder, but what if the conspiracy theorists and these people that have all this stuff and “evidence” are not conditioning and programming our minds as well? They have said that stuff is put right out there in front of our faces… perhaps they want to see how stupid we really are?

Before all this garbage about NWO, the Occult and satanism and stuff has even been brought to my attention, as a young kid and into my teenage years I felt something was not right about my own country. I could not put a finger on it, but I always felt something wasn’t right. You know these conspiracy theorists talk about having our rights taken away, not being able to fly the American flag and having our guns confiscated, well here is my question… Have you been asked for your guns? Have you been told NOT to fly our country’s flag? Have you personal experienced any of this? I haven’t. As a matter of fact, I was driving to my mothers for dinner one day, and saw a resident flying the US flag high and proud and underneath it was a USMC flag….. where are you getting your information? Are you just basing everything on what you read in Social Media and on YouTube? Have you gone outside and into your communities to actually see if this is the case?

You want to stop what you cannot stop; only Jesus can do that and that is Prophecy, you CAN resist what is to come because God gave you Free Will. It is good to let the masses know that evil is at work and is advancing fast, protect your loved ones, protect yourselves. Make wise choices and stand firm in what you believe.

These nightmares started when I started watching these videos. I have since stopped but the nightmares continue to come. It is almost like I am being programmed to fear everything and everybody. Even these agenda pushers said that they put things out there to mess with us, how do we know that they aren’t behind these conspiracy theorists? How come if these theorists are so close to the truth, and the theorists say that those who are about to expose these people end up dead, aren’t? You want to know why? Because these conspiracy theorists are put there for entertainment purposes only and perhaps have some of the information right, but are dancing around the truth if they even REALLY know it, which they don’t because well… they aren’t dead. The agenda pushers are probably laughing their asses off in amusement at us. They don’t care about us, they will masquerade around like they do but they don’t.  So I would find credible sources… if any… to research this if you dare, however I think it’s just another way for these agenda pushers to program, control and divide people in the USA.

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