Rev. Dave Minor

When the Holy Spirit fill you:

To be filled with a foreign substance that is in control over you.

-The Holy Spirit is the entrance of Jesus in our life.
-It is NOT just an experience.

-No place in the bible does it say to refill yourself with the Spirit. He will never leak or leave you. It says, continue in the Holy Spirit.

-Jesus gave you the Holy Spirit

-How much time do you spend in the word?

The truth about the Holy Spirit:
1. He is A person with an active role.
2. He has a mind, will and emotions.
3. He comes with salvation He isn’t “added” on.
4. You cannot make changes without the Holy Spirit.
He equips and energizes us.

-Worldly stuff cannot replace the Holy Spirits work.

You cannot do it by yourself.
God’s power is there to change us.

-You must be a unit with the Spirit to contribute to the Kingdom.

Speaking in “tongues” demonstrates God’s control.

Ephesians 5:18

-You have government to consider (Husbands, pastors, counselors, etc)

-“Fighting” is wanting your own way but not being able to have it.

Romans 14:17

Ephesians 6

What it’s like when the home is filled with the Holy Spirit.

-It’s a parents responsibility to train the children.

When you are filled with the Holy Spirit and get serious about the Holy Spirit, “we can live in the Spirit”.

Others will sense something about you that they need. They will see that there is something different about the base of your hopes and dreams. “Whatever you have, they will want it.”

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