Red is truley the ugliest color

There is a shade of red for every woman. -Audrey Hepurn. 

I’ve found my shade. A shade of perfect . When I first seen this shade of red, my eyes couldn’t resist the sight of such a beautiful color. I felt at peace, almost alive for the first time.  I was absorbed into the true beauty of this red and couldn’t resist wearing it everyday. Nobody would say a word about my new accessories. They didn’t care, they didn’t want to care nor, would they understand. I wore my shade “in and out of style” until it wore me out. I thought I owned this red, and in reality this red owned me. It had my soul, my love, what little innocence that was left of me. This has been part of me since middle school and has never left me. My demon. My other half nobody sees, the part that takes control over me in the night, and that leaves me in the day. I am addicted and “free from cutting” for over a year now but, it still haunts me. I miss it, it was the one thing I can rely on always being there for comfort.My scars are fading, and without them there is no me. I am lost without them. It wasn’t until my mom saw a glimpse of what her precious baby did to herself, that I finally realized how ugly the color red was on me. Red Red is the highest arc of the rainbow, yet it has brought me to the lowest of any shade of life I’ve been seen. 

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