Don’t wanna go to therapy

I have a therapy apt, need to leave the house in about 8 minutes. And I don’t want to go. I don’t know what to tell her about where I’m at at all. She just stares at me until I squirm and start babbling to cut through the discomfort. Yuck. But sometimes it helps. We’ll see how it goes. I’m going to go ahead and leave, having extra time before I go in helps me clarify my thoughts.

Allergies are annoying me today, have a headache, irritable, tired. Eww.

2 thoughts on “Don’t wanna go to therapy”

  1. Something I discovered long ago about psychologists or therapists or shrinks is what they ARE is mostly PAID LISTENERS. They take notes and try to find insights to help but most of the time they do what most people do not do in our lives and that is to LISTEN. Look around in life and observe how many LISTEN. Parents will often talk AT a kid but rarely listen. A good parent will listen. “Friends” rarely listen so involved are they with their own minds and lives. I know what it was like or is like to go to a therapist and feel you have to entertain them with something they can chew on. I know what it is like feeling a person needs to entertain them or sound fucked up enough to warrant the price of the therapy and help. Say what you feel. Make a list of things you want to work on in you. Just like every day life. What do I want to do to feel better about life and make my life better? Maybe I am off the mark here. Intrusive. My apologies for that. Briefly reading your post someone did listen 😉 Wishing you all good in life, Scott

  2. Thanks Scott. I actually was able to talk about exactly my own goals. Getting to the office early and taking time to write an outline of the most pressing issues is really helpful.

    I’m lucky that I do have some great listeners as friends, I can’t complain on that regard. But in processing my eating disorder stuff, I want a professional on board.

    All the best,


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