I need a list of things

that I need to do. I feel like I have been very lazy for past couple months. Just spent too much time for entertaining myself lol. Today, I had time to go through my sites and things I need to do or I want to do. I realized that I have things to do but don’t really know where to start. I obviously need some time to sit down and writing down things I need to get done be priority to get the place I want to be.
I have been little just a little frustrated by not getting things that I have been trying for years which is fine cause I got used to it. However, it sometimes becomes hard on me to accept that fact. The bottom line is I never give up trying until I get that.

it’s 10:15pm here in Chicago. The weather is still freezing and I’m still hoping/trying to get that thing I want 🙂 to do that I need a list of things that I need to do now to get that!

Seems like I just completed very first thing on the list now.

Goodnight everyone!

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