I always thank God for the rain. There are always reasons for that.

Just like when I was a kid. I loved dancing in the rain. I didn’t care if Ma was angry, or that I’d catch a cold after that. So what? It was just part of enjoying my childhood. Those were the good, old days when you still believed that you were invincible.

Like no one could ever hurt you.

I always thank God for the rain. As I grew up, I began to have more reasons to.

Honestly, I don’t fret too much about the flood. Whose fault is that? Come on, we all know. There’s no need to point fingers here. It’s always the same.

What else is new?

Oh, yeah. You broke up with me. You said that your heart was just not in this relationship anymore, all because of her. Just like that. So simple.

I thanked God that day, for drops of rain had covered or camouflaged those tears in my eyes. You wouldn’t see me cry. I made sure of that.

I’ve just had another reason to be thankful of the rain.

I remember our first kiss under the rain, but I didn’t kiss you that way that night. I wouldn’t, because you’d already disgusted me way too much. You’d stabbed me in the heart and I don’t think I’ll ever heal.

I’ll always remember your shocked expression that night, before you gave in to the excruciating pain from the wounds in your chest. I smiled and kissed you goodbye on your cheek before I turned around and walked away.

Thank God the streets were so quiet that night. I’m sure they’ll find you soon in the morning.

I also thanked God for the heavy rain that night. Why? Like I’ve said already, it made the streets quiet. There were no other people around. I could hide my face under my hoodie.

Not only that, it didn’t take long for me to wash your blood off the knife in my hand. That’s why, my love, I will always, always love the rain.


            (Jakarta, 25/2/2015 – from The Couchsurfing Writers’ Club Gathering @ Djakarta Cafe @8:00 pm. Topic: “Rain”.)


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