Living the life!

Let’s start from Friday. Aiden came over on Friday morning, because his off days from college are on Fridays. Awesome! We just relaxed for the day and watched comedy shows, like Jimmy Fallon. It was my first time watching that. That was very funny!!! At the end of the day, my dad came over to talk to my mom, and then we went to get pizza for supper and met up with Aiden’s best friend Bryan. Bryan also got pizza and then came back to my house with us. My dad went back to his house after dropping us off. The three of us had a movie night with my mom. We watched brave, and laughed so much. I shared an amazing caramel slab of Cadbury chocolate with Bryan. Aiden and my mom didn’t want any. The boys had to go back to Aiden’s house at half past 8. On Saturday, I spent the morning home alone which was actually nice and peaceful. When my mom got home she had brought sushi for lunch. YUMMY!!! And, she had also bought me a cute new black hoodie, along with my new black high heels for my modelling competition. We have to go and change the size of the shoes because the size she got me is just one size too big. Aiden came over about half an hour later, and we got ready to go to P.E’s biggest over 18’s pool party at the public pools by the beachfront. Christie fetched us as she was going with us to the party. When we arrived there, Christie had to drive around the area four times just to find a parking. Eventually we found a parking near the entrance. We met up with our other friend that was joining us at the entrance. The pools were not too packed, but it was getting there. We spent a few minutes sitting down, then we went into the pool. Loud music, hot tracks, and great vibes. We splashed around, relaxed in the water rings, and took a lot of ‘selfies’. It eventually got packed with people. I went down the water slide with Aiden, then went by myself. That was awesome!!!! Christie and I played around by fighting over water rings and tossing each other off of them. Great laughs! A bit later on, Christie and I bought supper from the food stand. Very thin curled fries with melted cheese on top. Ok they tasted nice, but they caused a stomach ache for me, and I don’t know how. I didn’t drink any alcohol. Actually none of us did. I have been trying not to drink alcohol lately, and I have been doing a great job with it. We met up with some old friends, reunited with people. I saw some of my old college friends. The party got wild, but not TOO wild. It was great! There were some drunk people, but not too bad. People kept it clean. The DJ’s were awesome! By the late night, we were all dancing, wether it was in water, or on dry ground, we were having fun! We even got free red SOCO sunglasses which was nice! We left at 11 PM. We were tired and wanted to go home as we’d already been there since around half past four. It was a long drive back, as Christie and I had to take Aiden back home, then I went home with Christie and slept at her house for the night. Wow, what an amazing night! I would do that again and again, and I will. It was a very safe party, bouncers everywhere, and at the entrance everyone got asked for ID, no matter how old the person. The next morning, Sunday, Christie and I went to have breakfast at Cafe Capellini in Walmer Park around half past 9. She had a toasted sandwich with mince on, and I had a health breakfast which was muesli, fruit salad, and plain yoghurt all mixed together, and that was very filling. I actually didn’t get to finish that because I was so full. But then knowing me, I still had a hot chocolate in a take away cup afterwards, and I only drank half of my orange juice. Afterwards, Christie took me home. I relaxed for the rest of the day, as I was very tired. I gave my mom an eye brow and eyelash tint in the afternoon. In the very late afternoon, I went to church with Aiden leading to the evening. My weekend turned out amazing! Monday, of course was lousy. I had a headache, a bit of a stomach ache, and I kept falling asleep for some reason. I felt very drowsy. Well, let’s see what Tuesday has for me. I shall let you know journal.

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