You’ll be surprised how fast time flies.

You walk into the room, thinking it’ll be the same.

It’s just more people, more audience for you and just fine.

You (think you) are still on top of your game.


I’ve let you think you can ridicule me publicly.

Well, you can no longer fool everybody.

You’re just an insecure bully,

displaying your big, fat ego for the world to see.


I can’t believe I could be this mean and happy.

You’re disappointed when it’s not what you expected it to be.

Your stories sound so repetitive and boring – and I am not sorry.

Constantly bitching about your life and exes only displays your self-pity.


Get a grip, man.

You’re not the centre of this universe.

I’m too bored to be amused by you that I can’t pretend.

One more nasty, negative comment from you and all will get worse.


Please, just leave.

Do all of us a favour; don’t be a killjoy.

Good grief!

Aren’t you already way too old to act like such a little…boy?


Honestly, I don’t hate you.

I’ve got even better things to do.

So please excuse me for my nonexistent interest.

You’re more than welcome to spread your negative energy…somewhere else…



(Jakarta, 27/2/2015 – 8:30 pm)

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