Over thinking…..again

Thoughts of today as follows

I think my cat is the only person who understands me.

I care more for my cats life than my own

I’m hungry

I think I would be really good at gymnastics. Why didn’t I ever get the chance to do this younger.

I want to read a good book. A GOOD book, not a cruddy one.

What was the human/pet name of the first car ever made?

I love grape juice.

I wanna swim with fish

In order for me to swim…I need to lose a lot of weight or else everyones eyes will burn alive from this body I for some reason claim to be mine.

I’m tired

I am me but who is the real me?

Will I ever be good enough for marriage?

Why can’t jacob and tim be here…. I need them.

I miss twerp candy.

I am a female dexter without the killing part.

I have a tiny apartment….I’m squished alive.

that is all for now.

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