Pregnancy Diary

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                  My Pregnancy Diary


Pregnancy Test Results (Based on DPO)

Test #    Date               Time            Result (+/-)      DPO   Notes

Test 1        February 28th     11:38a.m.           + (Very Faint)           8 Days

Test 2        March 1st             11:44a.m.           + (Very Faint)           9 Days    T Line less faint

Test 3        March 2nd            3:30p.m.            – (Not Visible)           10 Days

Test 4        March 6th             11:30a.m                Pending                 14 Days

Test 5         N/A                           N/A                        N/A                       N/A

Test 6         N/A                           N/A                        N/A                       N/A



Symptom                         Start Date       DPO    Notes

Bloating/Pressure                Feb. 24th                 4 Days     Increasing pressure at 12 DPO

Flatulence                              Feb. 25th                 5 Days    Not usually this gassy at all

Cramps                                  Feb. 26th                 6 Days     Mild cramps, increasing with DPO

Abdominal Soreness            Mar. 2nd                 10 Days   Feels very sore and tight, like after exercise

Diarrhea                                Mar. 3rd                  11 Days   Watery/slight bloody; lasted 8-12 hours

Back/Hip & Leg Soreness   Feb. 24th                 4 Days    Persistent, some days more  severe

Sore Breast/Nipples            Feb. 26th                 6 Days    Increasing tenderness; slight itching

Moodiness/Emotional         Feb. 24th                 4 Days    Irritability; weeping over small things

Headaches                             Feb 24th                 4 Days    Dull periodically; severe at times; short

Fatigue/Sleepiness              Feb. 28th                 8 Days    Very lazy; unmotivated; excessive sleeping 

Increased Discharge            Mar. 3rd                 11 Days   Noticeable wetness; yellow tinted on occasion

Nausea/Vomiting                 Mar 1st                   9 Days    Nauseous periodically; some vomiting

Rash/Dermatitis                  Mar. 4th                 12 Days   Itchy rash on right arm & ankles; small bumps


Basal Body Temperature (BBT) Results

Coming Soon… ‘ ‘ ) 

(I will begin recording these results at my 2 week mark,

which is in, what?…a day at this point. Plus, I’m still skeptical

about being pregnant in the first place. We’ll see. The Bae, my nickname

for The Boyfriend, has me kind of convinced at this point. Haha.)


Soooo…How Am I Feeling Today?

Entry One:

March 4th @ 11:16

Mood: Meh…  😐

Music I’m Listening to: Psyclon Nine: As You Sleep (Metal Version)                                       

[Honestly, I’m still unsure that I am actually pregnant; so, I am going to keep this pretty short and semi sweet. For one, I don’t know if we are ready for a baby, I don’t know if I, myself, am ready for a baby. Not only financially, but also at a maturity stand point. I’m 24 years old, still young at heart. The Bae is a mere 20 years young. So yeah. I have been pregnant before…I would prefer to talk about that at a later date, due to an unfortunate outcome. I’m already emotional enough right now. Anyway, let’s skooooch on away from that kind of negativity, it’s supposed to be happy times for me, I suppose. ”) Another issue, he is the only source of income at the moment, since I recently lost my job. I’ll take care of that soon though. Besides all that, I guess I would be most fortunate to bring a new little bundle of joy into this dim, cruel world. God help me. The way I see things in life is everything happens for a reason, despite the good or bad, everything is a blessing in disguise. What doesn’t kill me, will only make me stronger. A baby would be something scary, yet, something exciting. And if I am meant to be pregnant, then that is the way things are meant to be for me. I have been told time and time again by doctors that I cannot conceive, due to being tormented with not only Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) but Endometriosis as well. Fun stuff. Until it makes me literally want to rip my lower half off. No kidding. Okay. I am beginning to ramble, so I am going to shut this down. I will be writing again on Friday, most likely right after the results of Pregnancy Test number 4. So, we’ll see how that cookie crumbles. I wish everyone well. Have a wonderful night and enchanting dreams of unicorns and cupcakes. Le fin.]  

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