Preparing for the big day.

Yesterday, Tuesday… Wow what a day! I bathed the dog, and then went shopping with my mom to get my new black shoes for the big day on Saturday… the modelling competition I’m in. I actually got new black high heels last Saturday, but they were one size too big, so we went to change them yesterday, and we couldn’t find the right size, so I was stuck without shoes, but my mom wouldn’t let me stress so much, which I was already doing, so we walked up and down in the shopping centre looking for shoes. Eventually when we couldn’t find anything, we went back to the shop we started at, and settled for an amazing pair of shoes which ended up fitting me so well, and I can walk perfectly in them. After we got the shoes, we went to a seafood restaurant in the shopping centre to have supper with my mom’s friend. My mom and I shared a crumbed mushroom starter while we waited for her friend to arrive. YUM! Then, when her friend arrived, we all had the Tuesday special which was hake and chips. I was already so full that I had two mouthfuls of fish, then I ate most of the chips. Great food, great conversation, great company. Afterwards, my mom and I went to the model/parent meeting at the model school. That was a nice meeting. Then the models all had close up photos done for the website. No photos up yet. Today, Wednesday, was an odd day. I kept falling asleep. I must be a bit sick as my mom thinks. I have got severe drowsiness. Well, today was very boring. Tomorrow should be better. Let’s see. It is getting closer and closer to the big day, competition day. My mom is going to do a follow up to see what’s happening with my job interviews. Let’s look at the future. Everyday holds something new. I had a very late night bath tonight. I felt a bit lazy. Oh well, I’m tired. Goodnight journal.

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