End of a Show

I just finished one of my favorite shows. Trecommend to anyone who likes Korean Dramas. The Heirs. Its always sad when you finish a show, Even when it has a happy ending. It still ends. Sure, you can go back & watch it any time you want but still… When you watch something to the end, it leaves a sadness in you. It was a good show, one I recommend to anyone who likes Korean Dramas. Of course it has Lee Min Ho as the leading man in it and if you’ve read either of my journal entries yet, you’ll see that he is one of (if not solely) my favorite actor. Call me crazy but we are Soul Mates. :p Lol anyways… How do you feel when a show you love ends? Hm… I guess I have more to think about now. And here I thought I was running out of “Brain Chatter” I’m off to the next show. “Pretty Man” both these shows are on Hulu by tha way… in case anyone is interested. Ja ne! ♡

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