I’m 24 and I live at home. I live with my mother, father, 2 sisters, their husbands and my niece & nephew. A lot, huh? Granted it may be a lot of people in one house but it’s better for us this way. Easier. I’m the middle child as well so I’ve always stuck to myself. My sisters are 23 & 28. The younger sister is my best friend, We grew up together. The older sister, well she is mean. She even busted my lip once because I asked her, “Why are you wearing my shirt?” Simple little question. Granted, she may be mean but she’s ALWAYS been the first one to have my back when needed. My niece & nephew are 3 years apart but they are the best of friends. I’ve never seen two kids quite like the two of them. My brother-in-laws are both annoying and there are days I really want to kill them both… but I wouldn’t change either of them. The older one, I try to avoid but the younger one… I don’t consider him just a in-law. He’s my brother. Heck, I introduced him & my sister. He was my friend & a boy I had a crush on. Him & my sister are soul mates and I’m happy I introduced the two! My mom is definitely the most important person of the household. She is the one that keeps us all together. She’s our rock. I don’t just say it because she’s my mother but she is honestly the BEST mother in the world. Hands down. Now on to my dad. He’s moody & lazy but he worked hard to support this family. He still is too. He & I are like clones. Apparently we’re just alike. We both love old movies, cars, Military, football and the list goes on. But that isn’t all. Not only do we share the same interests but I look a LOT like my daddy. I have a lot of my mother’s features but I am definitely my father’s child. I’m sure you’ll see over time. This is only a SMALL introduction of the family I love & hate. *scratches out & hate* Ah geez! It’s already after 3! Nearly 4am! I’m off! Ja ne! ♡

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