Hold The Vision Trust The Process



Health and Wellness Goals

-Weight goal: 124-125

-Fitness goal: Begin spring or late spring. Running and working out

-Buying your own groceries for health and reach of food

-Transition from glasses to contacts by end of spring

-To not use alcohol in any way to relieve negativity, but only in positive  situations and moderation.

New Frontier Goals

-This early late summer/early fall I will be traveling with Jason and maybe friends to Louisiana

-Have a new car by spring

Financial Goals

-To have at least 1000 in the bank for savings

-To save at least 1200 for trip to Louisiana

-To be able to buy at least 50 in groceries either weekly or bi-weekly

-To open up my thoughts and options to what I wish to do career wise, to make more money

Education Goals

At this time, education from a college is on hold

-Learn about renovating and restoring furniture in the future

-Become more spiritual each and every day

-Learning patience 

-Culinary arts, recipes as I like to cook new things

Large purchases

-Purchase a boat

Travel Goals

To take a trip to Louisiana

-To go on many more trips within the US and international

Family & Friends Goals

To continue tolerating my current situation in my home until the time is right

-To see my mother on a regular basis both in helping and in bonding

-To continue a relationship with existing friends, choosing when and where I go dependent upon my beliefs on whether it negative or positive for me

-To clear myself from negative reactions, thoughts from both family and friends and know that I am on a path to greatness

-To help at a minimum emotionally and mentally as I see fit without bringing myself into their drama

Community & Philanthropic Goals

Attend church maybe more often

-Donate items to organizations as I have in the past

Long Term goals

-Decide on whether I wish career now or later

-plant a huge garden

-start a buy/sell of fine furniture

List of interests I have to begin thoughts of career & lifestyle

-Forensic Scientist

-Home mother/wife

-Marine biologist

-Housekeeping on a professional level




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