Love or infatuation?

How do you know if you’re in love? Maybe it’s just a crush. What is love exactly? I’ve always said I don’t believe in love. It’s a disease your mind creates. It’s a word humans created to make themselves feel better. Well… I believe my thoughts are changing. Do you believe in “love @ 1st sight”? To see that person & KNOW ” I want to be with them for the rest of my life” “I want nothing bat their happiness” Can you call that love? At first sight, your heart begins to race, blood rushing to your cheeks. Your palms start to sweat in nervousness. Their smile takes away all your anxiety and fears. The look in their eyes lights up even the darkest parts of your world cause you know they only see you. When they fear, you want to wash it away. When they cry, you wipe away the tears and cry to because it breaks your heart. You’re their rock. Their solid ground. You’d do anything & everything in your power for them. Anything just to make them happy. Even if that means they’re happy with another. Of course there will be that jealousy but they’re happy. Who am I… Who are you to take away that happiness? I don’t think that is an infatuation. That is love. When you’d give up everything, even when you have nothing. So… I am here to say… This non-believer is officially in love. Now… if only there was a way to show him. Hm… Ja ne! ♡

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