Normal and abnormal yesterday

I’ve felt good about my eating more often than not in the past few days. Yesterday I ate abnormally in the following ways.

Desperately Seeking Sugar-actually, chocolate. I was hung-over and on about 5 hrs of sleep yesterday. I took a short nap at my mom’s house while my son played, and I woke up feeling groggy. I needed a pick-me-up! Dark chocolate is what I really wanted, but I couldn’t find anything like that in the cupboards. I ended up going for about 5 milk chocolate toffee almonds, they were sweet and not that yummy, and definitely not chocolatey. I had 3 and went back for 2 more later. I take it back, I don’t think this was really abnormal.

Pizza for dinner. I wanted pizza. When don’t I want pizza? This is my perfect binge food! So, I got all the stuff to make awesome pizza. I proceeded to burn my tongue tasting the sauce for the 3rd time (not really tasting at that point) and then stuffed my face with cold pepperoni and olives while putting it together. Then I ate many many slices, in the end shaving off little slivers for more and more and more. Here’s what was going on.

1. It was SO yummy. Lots of cheese, lots of sauce, good blend of toppings.

2. I was tired and hung-over but had company and didn’t feel like I could just go to bed. This was a planned visit for a friend and son. So, I just kept eating cause it felt good. I didn’t feel like drinking, and I didn’t think of making tea or anything like that.

I didn’t feel sick when I went to bed, but I definitely was full, and also felt like I had eaten abnormally.

What could I have done differently? I don’t really know right now. I can think of some suggestions, but nothing really sticks or feels true and right. I think maybe it was ok. Maybe abnormal, but maybe ok? I just really really liked the food. And I was tired too. One option would have been to do some stretches and check in with my body to feel my fullness and happiness and health.

Good musings.





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