Blood (O)

Did you know, when you give blood… you can Save up to 3 people? and depending on your blood type, you can do a lot. For as long as I can remember, I’ve known my bloodtype. (O) = O Negative. Everyone wants my blood. Not because it’s tasty and all the Vamps have an irresistible tatse for it. No, I couldn’t be that lucky haha. My blood is wanted because it can be given to ANYONE. Downside. I can only get from other (O). But I suppose if I can save anyone, especially someone I can for, it’s worth it. Do you know your bloodtype? If not, you should definitely find out. You should also donate! It’s easy though… that was a HUGE needle! Yikes! Still! Totally worth it! I wonder what blood type my Lee is… hm… Ah time to do more “research” Ja ne! ♡

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