It’s finally getting warmer!!

A beautiful day today! over 50 degrees and sunny. Can’t complain! Too bad I had to work all day when sun was out. However, I got a chance to go out skating after work around 7PM. It was dark but warm enough to skate on lake trail and I enjoyed it so much. It feels really good and makes me happy 🙂 I’m very glad to see this warm weather again and hopefully the streets get dried up soon so I can go skate around all over the beautiful city Chicago!

I had very typical Monday at work. Not much to talk about beside new guy Sasha. We all went to have lunch with him today and got to know him little bit. Missed gym but got to skate after work. Still trying and waiting for things I have been wanting 🙂 and short meeting with Michelle at night. Had a big burrito from Chipotle for dinner with her. Took a shower and trying to wrap up my Monday.

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