Golden Angel

This morning I came across a Mother on the internet, describing her final moments with her small child, as she carried the young girl’s body to the car and stretcher, after the young girl had passed away in a hospital, due to cancer. The pure, raw emotion behind this circumstance shined so vibrantly. Accepting her daughters fate, the Mother stood by her precious child as she watched a disease deteriorate one of her most treasured valuables. Day after day, medication after medication, diagnostic after diagnostic, this Mother stood by her precious child.

Without her needing to say, this Mother demonstrated her strength in her unshakeable Faith. She knew for certain, with all of her might, that the Lord, her God, would forever hold this child’s soul in his hands. She knew that earthly circumstances were immeasurable compared to the love, the creator of this world, felt for her daughter. Without a doubt, she steadfast in that the soul of her little girl, would remain safe for eternity, regardless of the pain and struggle her small body had once felt. And she knew that the Lord would carry her daughter safely home.

Her untouchable faith speaks volumes. It is by far, her saving grace. Her Savior, Jesus Christ, has allowed her to remember her amazing daughter, Gabrielle, as a Golden Angel, running free and jumping. Dancing in peace, freedom and love. It has broken ALL of the chains of death, nothing formed against her can stand. Jesus has torn the veil, and their souls will one day be reunited in perfect peace.


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